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Jane R. Shantz, Management Consultant

Orchestrator of Change

My specialty is to orchestrate change within your organization. It all starts with you.



Organizational Change Management

Building Organizational Change Management Strategies and plans. Delivering various Organization Change Management tactics. Working with your team on Organizational Change execution.



Working with teams to define and articulate a shared vision for the future. This may include defining new operating models and strategies to realize the vision.


Integration Management

Orchestrating change initiatives so that they are consumable by individuals, teams and organizations. Building strategic change roadmap that provide an integrated and holistic view for executives.


TEAM DESIGN AND Facilitation

Designing and facilitating sessions for teams to brainstorm, collaborate and innovate.  Providing the professional support for teams and groups to have constructive discussions and  achieve positive outcomes.


Executive 1:1 Coaching

Everyone can change but are you ready, willing and able? It’s time to uncover what may be holding you back. 

 Work with Jane in 1:1 sessions to take concrete actions; hold yourself accountable and achieve your vision.



Providing keynote inspiration through relatable experiences, compelling research and thought-leadership. Leaving listeners with actionable takeaways that are immediately applicable. 

Both in person and virtual talks are available

Jane R. Shantz



Welcome to Jane’s fun and exciting, passion project. 


Get your groove back and join me with a small group of amazing individuals in my happy place to nourish and restore your mind, body and spirit.  


Coming Soon Post-COVID. 

Management Consultant, Jane R. Shantz

Meet Jane

Hi, I’m Jane! 

A woman who lives on the edge of fear & confidence, a woman who is constantly learning new things and working with new people, and a woman who loves to work with ambitious people and leaders to make change happen. 


I am a mother to four amazing human beings - Anson, Ava, Luke and Greta, and I live in Toronto with my husband Mounir and 2 family pets - Rosie (the Goldendoodle) and Maple (our Guinea Pig). 


Professionally - I work on understanding your specific goals, and defining the approach to managing and orchestrating change. I help build the key “sticky” artefacts that help people commit to change. I work with leaders to communicate/socialize the change. I oversee the execution of the change. Monitor it. Adjust our approach and tactics as required. 


I can’t wait to help you make change happen.


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Jane working in office
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