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Providing a unique opportunity to bring people together and leverage collaboration and social learning.

Jane R. Shantz

Helping you facilitate a high-energy session full of inspiration and perspectives that encourage and help team members go beyond what they may typically be able to achieve on their own.

An Expert Facilitator may be for you if you’ve been tasked who care who tasked them to organize your next off-site and require help OR you’re looking for a third party to conduct productive business sessions with your team.

Jane’s facilitation process first starts with understanding the what and the why for your session.

In collaboration with Jane, you will:

1. Establish your goals and what you want as a result from the meeting

2. Design the session 

3. Validate the objectives, expected outcomes and session’s agenda with key stakeholders to ensure alignment

4. Develop the materials and supporting tools for the session 

5. Facilitate the session and any session wrap up materials

Jane's facilitation process:

  • What are your main goals for this session? What are you trying to achieve? Why does this session need to take place? (Objective)

  • What does success look like at the end of the session - how do people feel afterwards? What actions do they take post-session? What shifts do we want them to make? (Meeting Outcomes)


  • Jane then works on the how - How will we achieve these ideal outcomes? 


Through reverse-engineering the day, Jane is able to assist you in facilitating incredible sessions that will check all your boxes.

Ready to get started?

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