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Jane's story

I am an Orchestrator of Change. I love working with people who are either driving change in organizations or who want to change. I work with you to help fulfill your vision, as I find it both exciting & inspiring. 


I started my journey back at Queen’s University. I was always into personal health & wellness and always believed I would work in that space. I led the Queen’s Alma Mater Society and got exposed to business during this chapter of my life. This created a multitude of new opportunities for me and led me to getting hired for a consulting role. I loved the idea of travelling and working with companies to implement change (specifically helping with the human element of change), so I went for it and absolutely loved it! The big firm provided great personal development and learning opportunities, and I was constantly challenged at work. I had the pleasure of working on many cool change projects that I’m extremely proud of - including Presto in GTA, as well as the implementation of TSA across the US following 9/11. 


Working at the big firm was extremely rewarding but I worked a lot, which became difficult to manage when I started my instant family in 2005 with Ava and Anson. While I tried to go back, I found that like many other mothers, I was torn. I was very worried that my work would impact my ability to be the mother that I envisioned, and so, I decided to leave and start my own practice! Although leaving the big firm was a huge personal risk, it has been truly liberating.

Jane Working at Computer
Jane R. Shantz, Management Consultant

At the big firms, you have layers of review prior to meeting with a C-level. You also have rounds of edits prior to presentations, and dry run-throughs prior to those presentations. Don’t get me wrong - I’ve made my share of mistakes, but now that I’m working on my own - I just do it. While this change was scary, I am grateful for the journey! I have been very fortunate and privileged to have worked alongside some great leaders and some incredible people. This professional adventure has allowed me to become a part of a great community of other consultants and coaches, who are always willing to collaborate and are there to help if need-be.

Throughout my consulting journey, I have continued to learn, grow and expand in my field. 

In 2018, I was asked to take on a coaching client. A few years prior to that, I had found Enneagram and it really transformed how I see myself in this world, and truly brought a new understanding of who I am. I decided to get some formal training to support me in coaching, and so I began this journey, which has continued to this day. 


In 2020, I was asked to do some key note presentations. While I had some previous experience with public talks (mostly in my childhood at the local chapter of the Optimist Club), I jumped at the opportunity and never looked back! I really enjoy researching and preparing for my talks, and this is an emerging journey for me that I am excited to watch unfold. 

Helping people change is what I do - whether it’s through organizational change management, integration management, facilitating, strategy, executive coaching, public speaking, or even through retreat programs.


Let me help you orchestrate change.

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Consulting since 1995:

Initially as an Organizational Change Management Consultant, and evolved into many different consulting roles.

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