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Organizational Change Management Strategy

Changing Your Organization Can Be Difficult… Let me help!

Jane Shantz

Are you...

  • Looking to orchestrate change within your organization but overwhelmed with the work ahead?  

  • At the onset of launching significant change and looking for support throughout the process?

  • Need help driving and navigating the change in the organization and leading people through the change?

  • Looking for a strategic advisor who has comprehensive experience implementing change?

Work with Jane to develop an effective organizational change management strategy and plan (roadmaps) that outline all the different tactics and events that your organization will need to make sure your organization and team members are ready, willing and able to change and make the required shift.

What's included?

  • Define the change strategy including who is being impacted and how they will be impacted

  • Create a change management plan; my approach is to build a roadmap of change management events and tactics so that we can see how we are “orchestrating the change”. My philosophy is that change should be well choreographed with each tactic/event building upon each other.

  • Develop of key assets and deliverables; I like to create “sticky” artefacts that will resonate with your end users/target audience

  • Assist with communication, stakeholder meetings, leadership alignment, training, etc.

Ready to get started?

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