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Integration Management

Helping you build an executive level view that inventories and integrates all your change initiatives.

Integration Manager, Jane Shantz

integration management may be for you if...

  • How all the changes your organization are untaken are coming together

  • You feel that your organization or team has too many priorities and does not have an approach on how to prioritize and sequence

  • You need to create an executive tool for decision-making, such as a legible roadmap of all the changes and key milestones that are about to take place

  • You have a million thoughts & ideas in mind, but need help organizing them into a legible roadmap to keep you organized and focused

  • You want to understand the key milestones as well as who is going to be impacted by them (executive team, frontline employees, etc.) & when

  • You are looking for a strong program director who can liaise with the executive team, while helping manage the overall process

integration management includes:

  • Facilitating a process to build out the master roadmap of all your initiatives/strategic changes 

  • Meeting with change initiative owners to understand key milestones, interdependencies and impacts 

  • Creating the finished product: A road map of change initiatives and a facilitated process to prioritize said initiatives

Ready to get started?

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