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Executive Coaching

We work together 1:1 to help you become a better human, and in turn, a better leader in your field.

Executive Coach, Jane Shantz

Are you...

  • Feeling stuck?

  • Feeling like something is missing but unsure what that may be?

  • Wanting help to navigate significant changes in work and life?

  • Wanting to hold yourself accountable for change?

  • Ready to unlock your full potential?

Introducing 1:1 Executive Coaching 

1:1 Executive Coaching with Jane is all about the major or minor changes you hope to make in your career and life. Creating a vision of where you want to be 3 years from now and then understanding where you are today.

The vision is the what and the steps you will take are the how. We will think through the small steps you can take to get you closer to your vision. I work with you side-by-side to create a roadmap from where you are today to where you want to be in 3 years. It’s all about taking baby steps to pivot towards that vision and holding yourself accountable throughout the journey.

Achieve your full potential step by step, and day by day. Change begins with you!

In addition to roadmapping... 

I also rely on the Enneagram as the basis for self-discovery and understanding; change begins with you and we use this powerful system to unlock a deeper understanding of how you are showing up in the world. Through this, we can better understand your interactions with others and how it affects your own well-being. 


When discovering your Enneagram type, you are able to better understand the tension and trigger points with others that you work with - this can assist in building your empathy and understanding how others may see the world. 


We work together as much as you need through this journey. This could be weekly, monthly, quarterly or a variety of different intervals. It all depends on where you are and the challenges you are facing. We keep in touch through calls, texts if needed, and in-person meetings when required!  


So tell me… what are the inspired actions or changes that you can do today to start to shift towards your vision?

Let's see if we're a good fit

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