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What if you had a Magic Wand?

If you’re a leader in your organization, consider identifying the eras your company has cycled through. For the importance of eras, check out my last two blog posts. If you’ve already done so, let’s proceed.

The first step in creating a new era is acknowledging that you want a fundamental change by actually creating the new era: what is the new era all about? What does it look like? I find the best tool to help get people unstuck is the “magic wand” analogy. If I were to wave a magic wand and transport you into the future state of the new era, what would it look like? What would people be doing? Feeling? Thinking? What would be happening and/or not happening? You want to dwell here with your team and work it out so they have a chance to discuss, brainstorm and dream.

If doing this in a group, it is usually at some sort of an offsite so you can openly discuss and get your team aligned. This can be a challenge as a member of the team. I can help facilitate these discussions virtually or

in person at a workshop designed to help identify the next era for your business’ change.

After everyone aligns on the vision, you can start to get more into the details of the new era:

  1. What are the goals?

  2. What new skills need to be developed to deliver on your new era?

  3. What will start, stop, continue?

This allows you to pull forward anything great from the old era that served you well, make a clear statement on anything in the old era that did not serve you well, and identify new behaviours, mind shifts or actions that you will need to start doing in order to realize the new era or vision.

Next week, we’ll discuss the “move” and “create” phases of eras.


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