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Enneagram Type 9, The Peacekeeper

Type 9s value the connections they make with others. They are accommodating and accepting when they interact with others and strive for peace and stability by avoiding conflict.

Type 9 Traits:

  • Grounded

  • Solid

  • Sustainable

  • Peaceful


9s seek peace and harmony and dislike conflict and tense situations. They are often assigned to be mediators and may deflect having to take a side if asked. Their core motivation is to have ‘peace of mind” inner stability. Nines aim to achieve harmony with the world around them. They enjoy connecting with nature, animals, imagination, spirituality – many of the things that other people miss in their hurry. These types have a gift for soothing hurts, healing conflicts, and creating an atmosphere of gentleness and acceptance.


Type 9 see themselves as:

  • Insightful

  • Expressive

  • Even-keeled

Other people see Type 9 as:

  • Pleasant

  • Calm

  • Good listeners

  • Easy going

  • Understanding - Supportive

  • Indecisive

  • Self-doubt

  • Suspicious

Working with Type 9

9s are known to procrastinate the most out of all Enneagram types. They are great when assigned to a listening, observer or facilitator role, but fall short when asked to lead. This collection of personality characteristics often leaves them feeling invisible or unheard by others.

Are you a Type 9?

My coaching of 9s includes encouraging them to speak their truth and take action. What is it that they truly want? Break out of the passive role and discover their purpose and value. People like being around a 9 because they can be heard. If you have a strong feeling or opinion, make sure you’re vocal – it’s not going to hurt anyone.

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