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Enneagram Type 7, The Visionary

7s believe in experiencing life to the fullest. They clam up with any form of restriction or limitation and are often impulsive, full of energy and enthusiasm.

Type 7 can be best identified as:

  • Adventurous

  • Energetic

  • On-the-go

  • Joyful

  • Spontaneous


Type 7's are constantly planning and anticipating the future. Their core motivation is to be satisfied and content.


Type 7 see themselves as:

  • Social

  • Stimulated

  • In need of being surrounded by people and new things

Other people see Type 7 as:

  • Joyful

  • Enthusiastic

  • Party animals

  • Wanderlusters

  • Resilient

  • Multiple Talents

  • Critical

  • Picky/judgemental

Working with Type 7:

7s like to be inspired and to take advantage of opportunities that are important to them. Type 7s are enthusiastic visionaries who are able to create and enlist others into their projects. ⁠Most people enjoy being around Type 7s; they offer the gift of happiness to themselves and the world around them. However, others may find it challenging to keep up with them or keep track of where exactly the Type 7 is going.

Are you a Type 7?

Everyone loves a type 7! If this is you, you need to know that it’s okay to slow down and be present. Feel your heart and be emotional – don’t hide your feelings by moving onto the next project, event or shiny objects (going on a trip or planning a party). Remember that you need to feel pain and sadness to also feel true joy so don’t forget to check in with your emotions. You already have everything you need – just pay attention to it.

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