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There’s No Going Back

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

If you didn’t have a chance to read last week’s intro to my message on eras, go back a week and have a quick read. It’ll only take 2 min. plus a 3 min. exercise.

And if you’re caught up, let’s talk about the assignment I posted last week and the importance of closing off an old era. If you leave things messy and unfinished, you’ll find that you’ll carry your old era “baggage” into your new era. Meaning, you can’t get your head around the new era and what is required. You can’t make a mindset shift.

To complete your old era, you’ll need to reflect and bring closure.

You do this through identifying:

  1. What was accomplished?

  2. What worked well?

  3. What didn’t work well?

This works at the organizational level and even down at the individual level. Take a few moments to think about your previous eras. Are they closed? Can you label them? Is there anything left to bring closure to?

I had to do this exercise myself as I work to create and implement my new era – The High Impact Era. I had “baggage” from a previous era that was a fundamental belief in how I was operating. I had to pull out that fundamental belief, get to its root cause, decide if it was a good belief that would serve me in the next era or not. I had to go through some exercises to break down that belief and get it settled so I could make the mindset shift into the new era.

Yes. It takes work. But here’s the thing: I’m here to help but it takes your commitment, a bit of courage and a lot of vulnerability. Shift your mindset and you’ll challenge your value and beliefs.

A word of caution: Today’s transformation is tomorrow’s ego trip. You’re not better than anyone because you have done the work, but it’ll sure help you on your own journey.

From an organizational perspective, it is important that you allow your team members to bring closure to the old era. I find that almost every executive doing this work has team members who hold on to ideas from old eras. By officially closing out the old era, everyone can enjoy closure and successfully transition to the new era. Come back next week - I’ll share the importance of organizations, eras and how to start your next one.

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