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No travel and still feel like you are carrying baggage?

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

During this pandemic I have had the time for lots of self reflection. What I have found is that I am carrying a ton of baggage from my previous life experiences. Part of the work I’ve been doing is taking the time to acknowledge where I have missed the mark and where I have hit it. Getting to know myself through reflection compartmentalized with these different eras of my life. If you think about it, we all have them, eras, periods of time. And by the way businesses have eras too.

Everything we do is inside an era. Business change is all about eras. I find that businesses are either in an era and not achieving the expected outcome or looking to make significant change to move into a new era. As an orchestrator of change (an organizational change management practitioner) I have helped many organizations through this process.

For myself, I have bucketed my life into 3 eras:

  • School Era

  • Establish Myself Era

  • Working Mother Era

For my next era I am naming it: the High Impact Era. It is still being defined, but essentially it will allow me to make more of an impact and use my time wisely. My children are now teenagers, which means they are more independent so the time I have for them must be maximized. I also want to work with people who want to make an impact. I’m also focused on working on myself - and working it, working it, working it. I have created a vision for myself and working toward achieving that vision through 3-5 big strategic priorities and micro-habits.

When I reflect on my life eras, the principles are the same: close off and complete the old era, name it and define it. This creates closure and space to create and open the next era.

Today’s thought: take 3 minutes and write out the eras you have closed, and the one you’re working on - NAME IT! Next week, I'll provide some strategies on tightening up these definitions, and why.

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