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How the hell will we go back to the office?

Spoiler Alert: No one really knows how exactly this will unfold.

Fundamentally, I believe that every people leader will have to re-set on how their team works. It is about making sure that everyone on the team is enabled and supported to do meaningful work. It will be up to each leader to make sure that everyone on their team feels like they belong and can make a meaningful contribution.

I believe that people leaders need to approach this with intention, meaning, they have to have a thoughtful discussion, really listen and build consensus around how the team will work. They need to listen and have the courage to change practices that simply just don’t work.

It is going to be a tough few months, as teams enter into the post-COVID period and get their groove on.

Need help getting started? Check out my Manager’s Guide for some helpful advice.

Returning to the Office A Manager's Discussion Guide
Download PDF • 285KB

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