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Enneagram Type 6, The Loyal Skeptic

Type 6s often believe that the world is an unstable place. They focus on what’s unpredictable and dangerous. They have a plan A, but also a plan B, C and D. They value security and belonging, while also being loyal, kind and reliable. Type 6 wants to feel prepared for anything life might deliver. They work hard to build a sense of safety and stability in their lives.

Type 6 can often be identified as:

  • Responsible

  • Loyal

  • Prepared

  • Hard-working

  • Alert


Type 6s – the ones with the doubting mind - are responsible and always want to be prepared, alert and ready to deal with any event that life throws at them - good and bad. Their core motivation is to have security and support.


Type 6 see themselves as:

  • Cooperative

  • Reliable

  • Loyal

  • Brave

  • Suspicious

  • Problem solvers

Other people see Type 6 as:

  • Anxious

  • Fearful

  • Worrying

  • Hard-Working

  • Analytical

  • Responsible/committed

  • Prepared

Working with Type 6

Type 6s are in a constant state of worry and dislike being anxious. They think through scenarios and fear the unknown. They don’t like to let others down and look for security. However, they also take big risks almost as a way to prove to themselves and others that although they worry and plan out risky situations, they can still in fact are capability and take risks.

Are you a Type 6?

I would be happy to let you know that there is meaning and certainty in the world. When you are feeling anxious, group yourself and focus on the present. You can handle all of life’s challenges – try infusing a little faith in your day to day. Don’t let it stop you from living.

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