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Enneagram Type 5, The Quiet Specialist

Fives are extra-ordinarily stable and clearheaded in a crisis. They disconnect from their emotion in the moment but often go back after the situation when they are aone to re-review the situation. As a result, 5s can become very detached from their emotions if they want.

Type 5 Traits

  • Independent

  • Visionary

  • Aloof

  • Intellectual

  • Logical

  • Anxious


Type 5s try to understand and make sense of the world around them: as a result, their expertise, objectiveness and knowledge are super important to them. They are deeply curious and long to master their field. Their core motivation is to be capable and competent.


Type 5 see themselves as:

  • Wise

  • Rational

  • Methodical

  • Independent

Other people see Type 5 as:

  • Private

  • Analytical

  • Detached

  • Insightful

  • Insensitive

  • Private

Working with Type 5:

Type 5s value privacy and independence. They often find being with others exhausting and feel the need to conserve their energy. Others often find it difficult to get to know them, but people are often attracted to their ideas and intellect; however, it can be exhausting as Type 5s engage with intense intellect. Their desire is to experience and fully understand life at all levels.

Are you a Type 5?

I always tell my type 5 clients that true wisdom doesn’t come from compartmentalized logic. It comes from mess: experimentation and failure. You don’t need to have all the information and you are okay without it. Experiencing life and business using all of the centres of intelligence (heart, body) is how we get to new conclusions and achieve success.

Fellow Type 5s:

  • Bill Gates

  • Albert Einstein

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